Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Springs in the air........

Well it definately feels like Spring is coming. Hallelujah!!!! Today is my son Joseph's 6th birthday. It is amazing how fast time is going. I always promise myself that I am not going to let them have a party with friends over. Somehow, it always ends up happening. Luckily they only have a birthday once a year. I am getting really jealous. Marcia is going to Hawaii at the end of the month. I wonder if I could stow-away in her luggage. I can feel the seasons starting to change which in Idaho means that it goes from cold and snowy to moderately cold, snowy and WINDY!!!!! You've got to love our seasons. I have been given the assignment for Sharing Time on Sunday and everytime I approach the subject of Grandmothers, I have a crying jag. Last week I was doing okay. This week I am a watering faucet. I am basically an emotional wreck. The last thing that the kids in primary are going to need is seeing me bawling my head off. Hopefully I can get my emotions contained before Sunday or they might heaven forbid Release Me. All kidding aside, I hope and pray that I can do justice to the lesson about how my Extended family helps me.

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