Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kelley Cuties

I finally am getting caught up.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

No more.....

I am officially done with the ENT doctor that I have been using. I don't know what gives him the right to think that only his time is precious. I was so angry yesterday. I went to get my one week check and get these awful splints out of my nose. My appointment was scheduled for 3:00, I checked in and waited, and waited, and waited and waited. I sat through almost all of Sleeping Beauty and half of Toy Story. I didn't get called back until 4:40 and then he finally came into the room at 5:00 when he looked in my nose. Removed one of the stitches and proceeded to remove the splints (those are nasty). Anyway, he rechecked my nose after removal and then sent me on my way. To my surprise, he was in the room exactly 6 minutes. I arrived home and was wiping my nose and to my shock and horror. He FORGOT a stitch. It was hanging out of my nose and VERY OBVIOUS. Stupid man. I bet his wife did his homework in medical school. It would be one thing if the insane waiting and overscheduling was a one-off. But this is every time you walk into his office or have surgery last week he was an 1 1/2 behind schedule for that. I have decided that I am done with this medical practice and they can STOP practicing on me. Now I am done.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well it is finally finished. My surgery on Monday ended up being really nasty. They discovered some polyps, they ended up having to fix my deviated sceptum, and cut out the additional sinus that wasn't suppose to be there and scraped the rest of my sinuses. If I have any sinus problems after this surgery I am filing a greivance, there isn't much left I would think. I am finding that I am exceptionally blessed with the neighbors and ward members who have gone above and beyond for me and my family the last 6 months. They are truly compassionate and caring people and I appreciate them more then words can possibly say. They have shown me what it means to have true charity. I only hope that I can reciprocate someday for them. I am looking forward to next week to get these awful splints out of my nose so I can start to feel normal again and not feel like NOSE girl. All in all I feel very priviledged to have such caring individuals in my life. Thanks to you all.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Another Photo

The backside of the headstone. I also wanted to add that my lovely 2 year old Matthew decided that he needed another set of stitches so he was walking around the house with an Easter basket on his head and fell and bit through his upper lip. So today this little guy has a very fat upper lip with 3 stitches. Once we came home he proceeded to put the bucket back on his head. What do you do???

It's finally done....

Well it's finally done. This is the final product of the choices that I made for my mother's headstone. I think it turned out great. It was an amazing gift to remember that today was the anniversary of my family going through the Idaho Falls temple April 9, 1982 to be sealed together. Today is also the 5 month mark for when she died. It still isn't getting easier, I am hopeful that the trials and difficulties of this time will make sense to me and I will look back at this time and find that I learned a lot from the experience.

Friday, April 3, 2009

5 months.......

This week is the 5 month mark of my mother's collapse at Sam's Club. So many people say grief gets easier. Nobody is handling the loss very well. My entire family is struggling with her not being around to keep us all sane.
This weekend is the 179th General Conference for the Church. I am interested in seeing what important talks and thoughts of the general authorities are going to be in these "crazy" times. I am currently updating my 72 hour kits and trying to get my food storage organized and written down so that I know exactly what I have and how much.
Marcia is leaving Hawaii tonight and getting home tomorrow. She isn't going to enjoy the scenery. We got 4 inches of snow today. Isn't reality annoying!!!!!!
Illegitimus non-carborundum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!