Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Well it is finally finished. My surgery on Monday ended up being really nasty. They discovered some polyps, they ended up having to fix my deviated sceptum, and cut out the additional sinus that wasn't suppose to be there and scraped the rest of my sinuses. If I have any sinus problems after this surgery I am filing a greivance, there isn't much left I would think. I am finding that I am exceptionally blessed with the neighbors and ward members who have gone above and beyond for me and my family the last 6 months. They are truly compassionate and caring people and I appreciate them more then words can possibly say. They have shown me what it means to have true charity. I only hope that I can reciprocate someday for them. I am looking forward to next week to get these awful splints out of my nose so I can start to feel normal again and not feel like NOSE girl. All in all I feel very priviledged to have such caring individuals in my life. Thanks to you all.

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