Wednesday, February 25, 2009

They don't know what they are doing.....

Well, had another doctor's appointment this morning and shocker. My doctor made a mistake. Now it will be a question whether or not he get's to pay or fix the problem without charge. Yeah right. I had surgery 4 weeks ago and have been taking antibiotics for that amount of time. I had another checkup today and he seems to think that I have an infection in my right sinus, but wanted to verify it with another CT scan. Amazing, I have a third sinus cavity that isn't really suppose to be there and now he is talking of another operation. How can you miss a third cavity if it isn't suppose to be there wouldn't it be pretty obvious??? So right now I am angry and the incompetence of most doctors is enough to make you better just for spite. I am looking forward to tomorrow night. My husband and I are finally going to have a night to ourselves with no children. Hallalujah, we are going to stay at the Destinations Inn tomorrow night and enjoy having some alone time, along with dinner at Olive Garden. I am super excited for the break. We are going to the cannery on Saturday for our Ward activity and hope to keep our food storage going this year. All in all things are interesting to say the least.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Another Month and Counting

Another Month is almost half way over already. My oldest Sarah just turned 10 on Saturday, You just have to love a birthday on Valentine's day. My wonderful husband surprised me with a gift certificate to the Destinations Inn for a night away from the craziness of my house, along with a gift card to Olive Garden. This is the first time in years that we have exchanged gifts for each other on Valentines. I believe that he is aware that I am really struggling with dealing with the loss of my mother and haven't had much time away since it happened 3 months ago. I am sure that the people of church think that I am an emotional wreck. I did just ask my bishop to release me from my Ward Chorister calling as I have been doing it for 2 years and am ready for a break. It is really difficult to get up in front of everyone on Sunday's since this all happened. My dear son Joseph who will be 6 next month said the funniest thing on Sunday in primary. The president was asking him "Why did your dad baptize your sister?" His response is "Because my mom didn't want to get wet." You have to enjoy the minds of these little kids. They are sure quick to have a great response. They are truly an amazing gift. They definately have been great at keeping me grounded and making me laugh, right when I need it the most. Things are going well. I get to get the implants from my sinus surgery out today. Hurray!!!! Hopefully this is stop my awful sinus headache. I will write more later.