Friday, April 22, 2011

More Pictures of the Kids

These are picture that we took while dad went to the Priesthood session of conference.  We had a lot of fun we watched "The Princess and the Frog" and the boys build towers with the Megablocks.  They had to have pictures to prove how amazing they were.  They are sure fun!

Joseph's Baptism

We got together on April 9th to witness Joseph getting baptised.  It was a wonderful day for our family.  We were very happy that everyone got to attend. 

Temple Square

Here are the other pictures from our Spring Break trip.  It is the Visitor's Center, The Conference Center, the 26th story of the Church Office Building, and what our drive home looked like.  I'm ready for summer!

Spring Break-Kind of

I really don't know whose bright idea that April is a great month for a break from school, typically in Idaho it guaranteed to be nasty,  but, we did prevail and tried to have a great time.  We went to Salt Lake for a night away and had a great time at the Hill Airforce Museum and walking around Temple square.  It was a great time for our family to spend together. Here are the pictures for the Museum.

Joseph's Great to be 8!

Joseph had a great birthday this year and we are excited that he chose to be baptised.  Here are some pictures of his party and birthday. This is a big year, he got his first set of Scriptures with his name from Aunt Marcia, a fushigi ball from grandpa and Ivy, and lots of Legos.  Not to mention here he is with his glasses for everyone to finally see.  Isn't he cute.

Sarah's 12th Birthday

My oldest is now 12.  When did I get old enough to have a Young Women age daughter?  Here are some pictures of her party and birthday. 

Matthew's 4th Birthday

My baby just turned four this month.  That happened so fast.  Where did the time go?  Take a look at the fun pictures.