Monday, March 9, 2009

Time for change...

Well it is finally official. I was released from my Ward Chorister calling yesterday at church. It wasn't a big surprise because I asked to be released but, I have been doing it for 2 years now and was ready for a change. I have been finding it really difficult to get up in front of everyone on Sundays since the death of my mother. It probably has to do with the fact that she died on a sunday and I have entirely to much time to think about her on Sundays, so I am an emotional wreck by the time church comes around at 1:00 in the afternoon. I really have grown a lot in the calling. When I started it I would make myself physically ill before church and would get a giant knot in my stomach having to be in front of everyone. Now, being in front of everyone is much easier. I have 3 other callings right now. So, I can focus more on my Valiant 9 calling and Enrichment committee calling right now. I really appreciate my ward, they are definately going above and beyond in helping me deal with the loss of my mother and I appreciate it immensely. It takes difficult times to make you appreciate the people that are around you, the relationships you have become much more important. Friends become a lifeline. Life changes...the circle of life is in full force. My brother and his new wife are expecting at the end of October and that is very fitting, that will be the 1 year monumental mark that changed all our lives.

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