Monday, October 19, 2009

Fall is here......

Well we have been busy the past months. My kids have already been home sick from school. We took a drive up to Palisades to see the wonderful Fall colors and have been battling several different illnesses in our home. The coming week is the year mark of my mother's collapse at Sam's Club. We are all still grieving and trying to make sense of our lives and understand why all this happened. I am getting surgery again this year. Tuesday October 27th, I am getting a hysterectomy. I have been struggling with this because we were trying to have another baby but it just hasn't happened so I am guessing that this is the Lord's hand intervening and helping along the way in my decision. I am hopeful of a better year to come and a better outlook on my emotional and physical side of things. I am still and forever hopeful of things to be better. We will see how things play out the next couple of weeks.

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