Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fall is in the air....

Well the kids are now all in school and life is getting back to a routine. I went through another phase of I hate my hair and went and chopped it off again. This time it is really short. I see a lot of my mom in me now, it was a little shocking to realize how much I really do look like her. We just recently went and got newer family pictures taken, only 3+ years since our last ones. Thanks Kim. CJ just received his ISAT score from last year and he placed advanced in all subjects, can you tell me why he is so advanced in everything but it is quite the job to get him to read anything. I finally told him he has to read a whole AR book before he can play the Wii again. That is motivation. Joseph is doing well in 2nd grade, he loves school. Sarah has completely skipped 6th grade math and was put into the 7-8 level book for math. She wants my help with algebra. Silly girl. Mom doesn't do math. If you can't add, multiply, divide or subtract it, mom isn't interested. Matthew is being his wonderful 3 year old self, (sarcasum intended). Potty training is making me go crazy. I have started to Zumba once a week and absolutely fell in love with the class. It is so much fun. Casey is hiking one more time this next week up by Palisades and then we are expecting to let Autumn/Winter come in with a vengence. Things are well and we are still hopeful of a better year in regards to Casey working and Mary's recovery from her illness. Faith and prayer are still an everyday thing and life seems to still be happening regardless if I am ready for it or not.

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