Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life is good.....

Things are so much better for me right now. I am really focusing on my weight loss and have found that I am not as depressed and stressed out as much as I used to be. I have really been suprised that I am enjoying exercise. It came as a huge shocker to me. I am really excited also because I was just called to be the Ward Girl's Camp Director. I am going to Darby again in June. The kids are all doing well. Christian (he says that is his name now that he is baptised) had his first Pinewood Derby the night of Joseph's birthday. Christian was so happy he took 2nd place (1st place for our ward). He said "This is the best day of my life". I was very glad that we went as a family to see him achieve this. It isn't a major thing but to him it was amazing. Joseph had now been graduated from Speech and Reading special ed classes and is doing fairly well as long as he takes some time and concentrates. Sarah is becoming an amazing young lady. She is a truly caring, compassionate girl. I hope that life doesn't disappoint her. She also just had her Maturation movie for school. When did I get old enough to have a daughter that has to know all this stuff??? Scary! Matthew is definately 3, and very good at it. He spends all day either getting into the movies and cds, torturing the cat (Jasmine), and making me want to pull my hair out, after of course he dumps all his toy bins and destroys books and takes down his curtain. He also goes to preschool 2 days a week and speech one day a week. So I guess he is doing his job,which is keeping me busy. Casey is still enjoying basketball 3 times a week and we are slowly getting all the excess stuff out of the house. Life is getting easier and much better for me and my family. I do think about my mom but now I am thinking she is the luckiest person ever. She doesn't have to be here to witness the demise of the best country on earth by the world stupidest president Obama, and to witness the speeding up of the Lord returning. Earthquakes, wars, tornados yada, yada, yada. Man some days I wish I lived in the City of Enoch. Wishful thinking. All in all I am learning to be content again.

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